Axonopus species


Native to Florida

Species Overview

Species Characteristics

Carpetgrasses often occur together in flatwoods, even in standing water. Axonopus furcatus, big carpet grass, and Axonopus fissifolius, common carpetgrass, are very similar in appearance. A. furcatus spikelets are smooth; A. fissifoliusspikelets have hairs.

It is clump forming and spreading; stems flattened, erect to 3 ft. tall; leaf blades flat or folded, 6-11 in. long, 1/4 in. (A. fissifolius) to 1/2 in. (A. furcatus) wide; rounded at tip, margins with 1-4 long straight hairs at base, or frequently A. furcatuswill have short, stiff hairs along entire margin; ligules with short stiff hairs, entire margins; ligules with short stiff haris; inflorescences 2-4 spike-like branches 1-5 in. long, forked at top of stem; spikelets alternate, 2 rows on each branch; flowers only on lower side of inflorescence branches.