Canna flaccida

Golden canna

Native to Florida

Species Overview

Golden canna is a large, showy, native aquatic plant that typically grows to 4 feet tall. It grows in small stands at the edges of marshes, ponds, and lakes. Except for the northwestern part of the state, it occurs throughout Florida. Like some other aquatic plants, canna has been hybridized by plant fanciers. It can be found even in household yards.

golden cannaView the herbarium specimen image from the University of Florida Herbarium Digital Imaging Projects.

Extension Publication: Golden Canna: Canna flaccida by Edward F. Gilman, Carl J. Della Torre III, and Lyn A. Gettys (2015)

Species Characteristics

he large, showy, yellow flowers make canna easy to identify. Three-inch long flowers grow in clusters at the tops of long stalks. The showy parts of canna flowers are actually enlarged stamens, rather than petals. Stamens are the male parts of a flower. Golden canna leaves attach in a spiral, along the stem. The leaf shape is oblong to elliptic, with tapering bases and pointing tips. The leaves can be 6 inches wide and 2 feet long. The leaves have many lateral veins spreading upward at a sharp angle. The fruit is a large, three-part capsule that is rough to the touch. Seeds are spherical and are brown or black. Golden canna is a native plant with clusters of large yellow flowers; has large oblong to elliptic leaves with many lateral veins; and has leaves with tapering bases and pointed tips.