Eleocharis cellulosa


Native to Florida

Species Overview

Species Characteristics

Of the 30 or so spikerushes in Florida, this is the tallest. It can grow to cover substantial areas, and occurs throughout the state. Club-rush grows to about 4 feet tall, usually in very shallow water. However, here they are growing in about 3 feet of water. The stems grow in clumps, from stout rhizomes. The stems are about one-quarter inch in diameter. Here the stems’ numerous gas canals are visible. Club-rush has no leaves. It does have relatively long sheaths that wrap the stems from the base. The sheaths may be reddish. The inflorescence of club-rush is a long, cylindrical, club-like spikelet that forms at the tip of the stem. The spikelet has broadly ovate scales. The spikelet has 50 to 90 small, white flowers. This species of spikerush is one of the largest: up to 4 feet tall and about one-quarter inch in diameter. It is leafless, but does have long sheaths that grow from the stem base. The inflorescence is a single, large, club-like spikelet at the stem tip. The spikelet has 50 to 90 small, white flowers.