Habenaria repens

Water-spider orchid

Native to Florida

Species Overview

The water-spider orchid is a true orchid. It is native and grows throughout Florida. 

Species Characteristics

Water-spider orchid occurs on marshy shores, and is sometimes found in floating mats of vegetation. It flowers through much of the year. The water-spider orchid is a perennial herb that spreads by runners as well as seeds. It is erect and grows to 1 or 2 feet tall. Its leaves are thick and succulent: 2 to 9 inches long, and up to an inch wide. The leaves are narrowly lance-shaped, tapering to a narrow point. The most conspicuous feature of the water-spider orchid is its stalk of flowers that occurs at the top of the plant. This stalk, called a raceme, is several inches long. The small flowers are pale green and one-half to three-quarters of an inch across. The petals are deeply divided and narrow, making the flowers somewhat resemble small green spiders. Water-spider orchid is a native orchid. It has thick, succulent leaves. A long flower stalk occurs at the top of the plant. The flowers are green and spidery looking.