Lachnanthes caroliniana

Redroot, Carolina redroot

Native to Florida

Species Overview

TOXIC TO LIVESTOCK – See Poisonous Pasture Plants of Florida (UF-IFAS Bookstore Pub SP 457) by B.A. Sellers and J.A. Ferrell. 2010. Redroot is in the Bloodwort family. This perennial herb is a native emersed plant. Redroot grows on sandy shores and in the water of ditches, bogs, swamps, lakes, and wet flatwoods throughout Florida.

Species Characteristics

It flowers in the spring and summer months. Redroot is characterized by its fan of flattened leaves and its tall flower clusters. Its name comes from its red-orange rhizome and roots. Redroot’s leaves are swordlike, erect, and gradually tapering. Several leaves rise flattened together from the base. Redroot flowers are on a branched cluster that is held high above the leaves on a tall, fleshy stalk. The stalk and cluster branches are hairy. The flowers are small and woolly looking, and have three outer and three inner petals. The outer petals are whitish. The inner petals are yellowish and woolly.