Ludwigia sedioides

Mosaic flower

Nonnative to Florida

Species Overview

Native to: Central and South America

Mosiac flower inhabits wet swampy areas in its native range with leaves that float on the water’s surface when occurring in standing water. It is in the ornamental plant trade for use in ponds and aquariums.

Species Characteristics

Family: Onagraceae

Habit: Perennial aquatic herbaceous shrub with reddish brittle stems.

Leaves: Diamond-shaped with toothed margins, radiate outwards to form mosaic-like rosettes.

Flowers: Bright yellow, cup-shaped, solitary, produced in leaf axils.

Fruit: Explosive capsules.

Distribution in Florida: Not present


Due to its rapid growth, efficient mode of reproduction, and habit of creating water surface coverage, it has been identified as a potentially invasive plant in Sri Lanka. Beyond this however it is not reported as having escaped cultivation or having negative environmental, economic, or human health impacts.

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