Orontium aquaticum

Golden club

Native to Florida

Species Overview

Golden club is a medium sized emersed plant. It grows from stout rhizomes in the shallow waters of streams, ponds and swamps and is frequently found growing in the northern counties south to the central peninsula. Orontium aquaticumblooms from the winter to spring (Wunderlin, 2003). Its leaves are usually out of the water, but often are floating.

Species Characteristics

Golden club has dark green, velvety leaves, which have a water repellant surface. Leaves are two to four inches wide and six to 12 inches long. They are oblong-eliptic. Leaves grow in groups and emerge from the water on stalks. Golden clubs are named for the shape of their flower clusters. Many tiny yellow flowers grow at the tip of a club-shaped structure. The club is on a stalk that arises separately from the leaves.