Sacciolepis striata

American cupscale-grass

Native to Florida

Species Overview

There are about 30 species of cupscale grass worldwide; Sacciolepis striata is native to Florida and might be found growing in swamps, wet hammocks, and wet, disturbed sites nearly throughout the state.

American cupscale-grassView the herbarium specimen image from the University of Florida Herbarium Digital Imaging Projects.

Species Characteristics

American cupscale-grass is a grass. stems erect or leaning, to 3 ft. tall, rooting at nodes, stem sheath margins hairy; leaf blades flat, long, smooth to hairy, to 8 in. long, to 3/4 in. wide, conspicuous nerves; inflorescence spike-like, dense, to 12 in. long;  spikelets have stalks, no hairs, distinct bulge at base

A second species, Sacciolepis indica, India cupscale-grass, is NON-NATIVE. It is much smaller than S. striata, but is otherwise similar.