Sagittaria latifolia

Broadleaf arrowhead, common arrowhead

Native to Florida

Species Overview

Species Characteristics

Common arrowhead – Sagittaria latifolia
Many showy Sagittaria species are native to Florida. They are generally known as the arrowheads. This species, Sagittaria latifolia, is known as the common arrowhead. It is one of the largest and most conspicuous of the emersed Sagittarias. Common arrowhead is found in shallow waters throughout Florida. Common arrowhead gets its name from its moderate-sized, arrowhead-shaped leaves. This is a distinctive shape. Especially note the pointed lobes. Common arrowhead leaves can be 8 inches wide and more than a foot long. They are erect and supported by thick stalks. Common arrowhead flowers are showy and white and very similar to the flowers of other emersed Sagittariaspecies. They have three petals. Flowers extend on thick stalks that often are taller than the leaves. Common arrowhead is a moderate-sized aquatic plant with arrowhead-shaped leaves, showy, white, three-petaled flowers and flowers tower over the leaves