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Florida Invasive Plant Education Initiative

Florida Invasive Plant Education Initiative


The CAIP Education Initiative curriculum is designed to introduce and educate students from elementary to highschool about Florida's wetland ecosystems by highlighting the role of invasive species and the importance of water management.

Module 1: Silent Invaders

Defines native versus non-native plants and why some are considered to be invasive.


Module 2: A Fish Tale

Illustrates the ecological role native plants provide in aquatic ecosystems and the problems/impacts caused by invasive, non-native plants.


Module 3: Why Manage Invasive Plants?

Explains why we need to manage invasive plants and the challenges plant managers face on a daily basis.


Module 4: Viva la Difference!

Provides an introduction to the biological productivity of Florida lakes (aka trophic state), and the characteristics that make them so unique–especially the abundance of aquatic plants.


Lakeville – A Natural Resource Management Activity

Lakeville is a multi-disciplinary unit about ecosystems, natural resource management (i.e., invasive species), and civic responsibility.

Our modules are aligned to Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Common Core State Standards. Read More

Additional Resources

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